Posted on EA puts out letter on POPs guidance

The EA has sent a letter to all operators – some 1000+ – in England that are thought to handle WEEE explaining their position on POPs, EWC coding and reuse.

This will affect any operator who collects WEEE, manages a site that receives WEEE, disposes, treats or recycles or puts WEEE back into reuse.

As the letter explains, recent analysis of small mixed WEEE and displays indicates the presence of POPs in some of the older equipment above the hazardous classification thresholds. This means that unless the operator knows that what they are collecting or treating is below the thresholds, they must assume the items to be hazardous.

The letter is very specific on the EWC coding that now needs to be used on consignment notes and by treatment facilities in the disposal of WEEE plastics. The letter also explains that small WEEE and displays that have become waste can no longer be reused – either in the UK or overseas – unless it is known that they are below the POPs thresholds in the plastic. Hazardous POPs plastic must be destroyed by high temperature incineration.