WEEE Treatment

The ATTF Forum operates under an independent chairman. Its membership is committed to helping government, the regulators and producers ensure that WEEE is treated to the highest standards and has adopted the following Mission Statement.

To create a sustainable WEEE processing industry by better understanding the impact of UK WEEE on the global environment and ensuring it’s members always follow best practice and circular economy ethos in the recycling and the reuse of WEEE.

How do we achieve this mission statement?

  • By positively influencing WEEE environmental legislators and legislation.
  • By becoming the go to place for information on the best WEEE processing and treatment.
  • By promoting and explaining the WEEE sector to all stakeholders.
  • By providing a forum for AATF’s to exchange of non-competitive information.
  • By only having members who are fully compliant with waste regulation.
  • By raising WEEE recycling standards and thereby reducing harm to the environment.
  • By positively influencing UK buyers on the importance of sustainability.